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Our Services

Our variety of auctions and our use of technology offers sellers options to sell their treasures. The use of a live webcast auction maximizes the bid price. We conduct both onsite and in-house auctions. We also purchase items and estates.

                Estate Auctions

                                Onsite: We can manage it from setup to auction day to pick up and cleanup.

                                In-house: We will pick up and sell estates at the auction house. We have a 19,000sqft auction house to handle about any estate. This is an option for an estate with properties that are small, also if you are worried about the liability of conducting an onsite auction.

                Liquidation Auctions

                                We have liquidated race shops, Restaurants, Trucking companies, Antique shops, Nurseries and more. We can do these both onsite and in house.

                Pallet and Overstock Auctions

                                If you deal in volume and need to sell or buy, these auction will work well for you.

                We also have Specialty Auctions, such as Antique, Coin, Plant and Flower auctions


What if you just don’t want to have a yard sale? We can either sell items for you or purchase items from you. Contact us at richauctionsonline@gmail.com or call Rich @404-981-4945. If you have pictures of items you want sold please send email or text.